Prom Day, DPK & Daya Olivia’s Birthday Were Celebrated Together

IN celebrating the anniversary of the Daya Pelita Kasih Foundation and the Daya Olivia Korompis birthday as the founder of the school, there was a series of events held on Wednesday, October 23, 2019 and the event itself began at 09.00-13.00. Well, in this joint activity the students carry the theme “Prom Day” celebrated together with the teachers, parents of students continued with lunch.

Of course this event is also supported by Rose All Day Cosmetic, in the context of their campaign and mission: Inclusiveness for individuals with special needs. This series of activities was carried out quite well and regularly. All of that thanks to the collaboration between the School, Foundation, Parents Committee and of course the sponsors and other parties who participated in the success of the event.

This festive event is filled with various activities including; angklung performance, awards ceremony, mini games, and music + dance performances from school teachers and the final event was the beating of the ‘Pinata’ which was then closed with lunch with a variety of dishes that were served.

Awarding Achievement Certificates

The opening activity at the 17th anniversary and the Daya Pelita Kasih Foundation was opened by the Founder and Chair of the Daya Pelita Kasih Foundation, Katharina Lita Wewengkang with a speech that explained that this year’s celebration was intentionally celebrated with lively and with a different look. [red]

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