Roel: Erasmus Huis Is Fully Supports for DPK Painting Exhibition

HEAD of the Political Affairs Department, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Jakarta, Mr Prof.dr. Roel van der Veen said as saying goes: a picture tells more than a thousand words, many of the student of Daya Pelita Kasih (DPK) have difficulties with words.

“They might also have difficulties with paintings. But with the great support of the staff of DPK, they nevertheless succeed in creating paintings and other works of art, that not only beautiful to see, but that also show some of the feellings of the students involved,” he said.

Mr Roel van der Veen also mentioned that besides their art creations prove their outstanding talents. Regardless of the challenges these young people face, they should be condidered as true artists.

“So, the Erasmus Huis in Jakarta is proud to host their exhibition and to honor the staff of Daya Pelita Kasih, who do such marvelous work. Together with familes of the students, they bring out the best in them,”  Mr. Roel said.

He added that the talents of these young people with disabilities go in many directionas, and they can easily take us by surprise. I am sure that this exhibition will amaze you and bring you joy, just like it did me, by outstanding beauty of its art. [DPK]

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