Outsider Artpreneur Collaboration with 9 Special Needs Artists

CIPUTRA Artpreneur in collaboration with the Ship of Love Community held an art exhibition Outsider Artpreneur. There are nine artists with special needs who will display 100 works of art in Ciputra Artpreneur Gallery, Jakarta on August 27-September 8 2019.

As a form of concern for the development of the artistic talent of persons with disabilities, Ciputra Artpreneur first held an Outsider Artpreneur – an exhibition featuring more than 100 installations and paintings by people with special needs artists.

According to Ciputra Artpreneur’s President Director, Rina Ciputra, in her press release said the exhibition was curated by Jean Couteau. The exhibition is part of a series of five-year Ciputra Artpreneur celebrations.

“Outsider Artpreneur is an art exhibition dedicated to artists who have special needs. In its inaugural year, Outsider Artpreneur was scouted by artist Hanafi. Together with nine other artists, they collaborated and created the works of Ship of Love Outsider Artpreneur,” she said.

Rina Ciputra also mentioned that I hope, this exhibition can open the eyes of the public and invite us to be more open in understanding and knowing the conditions of those with special needs. We will also contribute to changing their perspective for the better.

“The nine artists involved are Anfield Wibowo, Aqillurachman Prabowo, Audrey Angesti, Bima Ariasena Adisoma, Daya Olivia Korompis, Dwi Putra or more familiarly called Mr. Wi, Hana Madness, Oliver Adivarman Wihardja, and Raynaldy Halim,” she added. [red]

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