DPK Enlivens The Grebeg Museum Enjoy Jakarta 2019 Festival

IN commemoration of the Indonesian Museum Day on October 12 held in several museums in Jakarta. Even though Indonesia itself has a lot of museums, ranging from history-laden ones, to unique and thematic contemporary museums.

Unfortunately, so far the museum has often been the number two destination. The museum is considered unattractive, boring, and old-fashioned. The parents also prefer to invite their children to travel to the mall, a vehicle, or abroad rather than a tour of the museum. In fact, the museum is no less interesting, you know.

The commemoration of Indonesia Museum 2019 Day will be enlivened by various interesting activities, such as exhibitions, Enjoy Jakarta Museum Festival, Mural Art actions, seminars, various traditional games, traditional performing arts, community festivals, and many other interesting and unique activities.

The Daya Pelita Kasih School (DPK) did not want to be left behind to enliven Indonesian Museum Day by visiting the National Museum or the Elephant Museum, is an archaeological, historical, ethnographic and geographic museum located in Central Jakarta and precisely on Jalan Merdeka Barat 12. This museum is the first and largest museum in Southeast Asia.

posed together at National Museum

The DPK school also appreciates the service of the National Museum to visitors of students with special needs, all of whom were happy and enthusiastic from DPK school students who learned firsthand about history and culture in Indonesia. Seeing the collection objects directly gives a good impression, besides that they will usually tell back at school to other friends about what they saw and learned here. [red]

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