VOCATIONAL and Career Education (VCE) program is intended for women and men at least 18 and up to 30 years of age. We respect each person’s right of self-determination. We work to support the choices of men and women with disabilities to pursue activities and work that they find interesting, meaningful, and enriching.

We provide the support they needs to find a job according to their skills and abilities. We train them and equip them with important job and workplace skills. We coach and supervise by working right alongside each individual.

Our VCE programs: Education Center (language, functional academics, personal & social skills, daily living skills, independent living skills), Work Center ( vocational-career education, work training, work placement), Therapy Center (physio, occupational, sensory integration, speech, behaviour, cognitive, Visual Arts (painting, ceramic, batik, art & crafts, design technologies, etc), Performing Art (music, dance, drama), Sports (swimming, basket, badminton, etc).