Visual Art Class Holds Events & Deepening Material Painting Tutorial

IS a honor for Daya Pelita Kasih Foundation to ARTOTEL who is helping to enhancing 14 students paintings skill of Daya Pelita Kasih School for special needs kids was choosen to exhibit its 14 student artworks under the UOB’s CSR Program. This Painting courses taken in three different days and conducted by Safrie Effendi, Corporare Art Manager ARTOTEL Indonesia.

According to the Chairman of the Foundation Power Pelita Kasih (DPK), Katharina Lita Wewengkang said that I hope this will be a good impact in the future on the quality of the painting to the 14 students of Sekolah DPK especially in class Visual Art, as well as bring a positive aura for each student work the -siswi that have characteristics and different colors.

“Safrie Effendi together with Bambang Asrini Widjanarko, an art curator from ISI Yogyakarta hand in hand dig theses students’ deepest panting potential for two days and evaluating them on the last day of intensive course training. They dig up some of the students' artistic talents expressing their inner Jackson Pollock abstract works. We hope after this intensive course training, these students can join some art competitions in the future, ready and steady with their enhanced painting skill,” she said.

Meanwhile Safrie Effendi said that I’m so happy that Yayasan Daya Pelita Kasih trusted ARTOTEL with this painting skill enhancement. I do hope the best for them in the future, representing their artworks under exhibition or competition in local or international scale.

“To teach these special needs kids, we need to explain them slowly with imagination details for them to digest the skill. These kids are sor talented! I can tell by their artworks, as if it screams something but narated abstractly,” he added

Therefore Erastus Radjimin, CEO ARTOTEL Indonesia also said this so called ‘’Art Act’’ with Yayasan Daya Pelita Kasih or with mentally ill patients in Surabaya are ARTOTEL’s Corporate Social Responsiblity that revolves in Art related. Align with ARTOTEL’s vision and mission which to support Indonesian art scene along the way.

“We hope that our social acts in Indonesia art scene can contribute back to tha community, as we know Art can be a powerful way of healing.’’ said Erastus Radjimin. [dpknews]