Open a New Class, DPK School Teachers Ready to Face 2017

ALL the teachers of Daya Pelita Kasih School to prepare for the year of 2017 program by opening classes for new students with special needs. This new student enrollment program begins in November 2016 to July 2017.

"Through the this program, we are ready to accept all new students," said Principal Daya Pelita Kasih School, Iwan Sintera, Psi.

He said, the school buildings that facilitate around 50 student with 16 classrooms, and two building has two floors ready for new students. In the next programs, school will open new classes for student with special needs by implementing new interventions, this unit called the Special Care Program.

"We will also implement the Developmental Cognitive Behaviour Program. Besides, we are also plans to create a package that we call Weekend Class, which is where the class is open every Saturday starting from 8:30 until 12:00. This package includes lessons Visual Art, Therapy and Sport (swimming, basketball, badminton) and music class," he said.

Iwan Sintera, Psi also mentioned that as for the purpose of this program is to improve the behavior of students in the classroom, the workplace, at home or in public places. But the most important is the existence of the program will motivate students to be able to reach the ideals and independence and has a role as members of the community.

"Besides, it also can be a good impact on the quality of Developmental Cognitive Behaviour Program of school students in the classroom, especially DPK’s Workplacement Class, and bring to a positive direction for each student has a different character," said Iwan Sintera.

He explained that, we also have to follow the rules of the center (Ministry of Education), which outlines a comprehensive evaluation of the quality and competence of teachers and principals in charge. The first is the certification evaluation. It relate directly to the implementation of existing ones, and includes improvements in the next year.

"And the secondly is to increase the competence of teachers in order to improve the quality of education nationwide. So should also involving local governments in its implementation. This competence is getting better also will impact the profession of teachers in our school," Iwan Sintera added. [editorial]