To Explore Cooperation, Petty Elliott Visited Daya Pelita Kasih Foundation

AMID her busy scheduled, food writer, masterchef Indonesia, Petty Elliot who also as the President of the Wisma Cheshire Foundation (Indonesia Cheshire Foundation) recently visited Daya Pelita Kasih (DPK) Foundation who deliberately wants to see the activities of the School of DPK and wanted to explore cooperation programs of both foundations. Indonesia Cheshire Foundation is a foundation that wants to improve the lives of disabilities Indonesia.

While visiting DPK Foundation, Petty Elliott saw some of the school facilities, especially in the classroom DPK’s School of Visual Art, by looking at the paintings of the students as well as other outdoor facilities.

She also hoped that when this cooperation is conducted primarily for persons with disabilities and persons with developmental disorder in the face greater difficulties than people in general because they both have obstacles in accessing public services and often do not have access to proper education, health services, and activities economy.

According to Petty, the lack of access in the transport, building, education, and jobs are some examples that become an obstacle in the daily lives of persons with disabilities and persons with developmental disorder-hamabatan least barriers could later be heard by the government and could get a chance to develop themselves.  [editorial]