DPK School Field Trips to Holiday Inn Express Jakarta Wahid Hasyim

DAYA Pelita Kasih (DPK), the educational institutions that care and play an active role in organizing special education, therapy and training for children, youth and adults with special needs, recently held a hotel visit activity for Daya Pelita Kasih students to Holiday Inn Express Jakarta Wahid Hasyim.

According to Ms. Dini as a tutor teacher of Work Placement class said started at 10:00am, the children came to experience the daily operational in the entire hotel area. After the warm welcome from the management, they started the tour from the operational department such as Front Office, Housekeeping, Engineering and Kitchen to the back office team from HRD, Sales and Marketing, Finance, IT and General Manager Office.

“The children were so excited to listen to the explanation of roles and responsibilities from each department. Beside the operational hotel, they were also showed the hotel facilities from Greatroom, self-service laundry room, meeting room and fitness centre,” she said.

Ms. Dini also noted that the students were also given the opportunity to practice the make-up room together with the housekeeping team. After one and half hour, the children were gathered in Greatroom and listened to the explanation about our hotel and IHG from the HRD Team.

“And as the closing, all participants were welcome to enjoy their lunch together and taking group photo,” she added. [red]