DPK Joined a Special Giving Season for Special People at Plaza Indonesia

DAYA Pelita Kasih Foundation and Wisma Cheshire, ThisAble Enterprise, and Syamsi (Wisma Cheshire's Alumni) together with Atari Probo (BINUS School student) has a great collaboration to do the exhibition/bazaar at Function Hall Level 2, Plaza Indonesia on 1st and 3rd of December 2016 starting at 10 a.m.

Daya Pelita Kasih Foundation on this event represented with 13 paintings by Diego Luister Berel (Garden in the Night & Christ’s Crucifixion), Bima Ariasena Adisoma (Freezing Cold & Foggy Hill), Daven (Twilight Behind & Yellow Sign)  and Seto Swastiko (Red Castle & In the Cage).

Meanwhile Wisma Cheshire has been showing and selling the handicraft, paintings, and other products that all made by Person with Disabilities as well as to promote the talent and creativity of those special people. The event with special classical music performance by Fira Christiano (the blind pianist) on 3rd of December at Lamoda Cafe, Plaza Indonesia, at 5 p.m. [ER]