Daya Pelita Kasih School Publish Monthly Newsletter

IN improve learning and independently for the Daya Pelita Kasih (DPK) School especially for Work Placement Class start on September 2016 as the first edition, published a monthly newsletter.

According to the principal of DPK School, Iwan Sintera Psi said that I welcomed the publication of newsletter managed by the students of Workplacement class and needs to be appreciated together as one form of their efforts to be able to perform independently.

“Newsletter that you are reading is the result of working together of friends in Workplacement class among others there are: Daya Korompis O, William, Ujala, Deni, Alit, accompanied by a teacher assistant; Ms. Deny, Ms. Dini, Eko Prabowo.

"Hopefully with the DPK School newsletter can become a hub of communication between students, teachers and the parents," said Iwan Sintera. [dpknews]