Today, Tomorrow and beyond

THERE are many ways that you can support the very special students & participants at Daya Pelita Kasih Center:

  • Gifts of Time
    Volunteer your time, talent and skills. The Center is looking for helping hands. We are always in need of volunteers for staffing our special events and our sheltered workshop.
  • Gifts in Kind
    The Donation of much needed services and resources such as printing, food for events, office supplies, computers and printers, automobiles, materials for the art and music programs, sports equipments, therapy equipment, etc. Please contact the development department before you make a donation to be sure your gift can be put to good use. We accept used materials and goods.
  • Gifts of Cash
    Donation in cash will help us provides critical support to the school program as our tuition fees only support 70% of the center’s true operating cost; the remaining 30% must be covered in other ways.
  • Sponsorship
    Become a partner of one of the many special events hosted by Daya Pelita Kasih Center. Partnering and advertising at Daya Pelita Kasih Center events may presents outstanding marketing and networking opportunities plus the opportunity to contribute to the well-being of very special children.
  • Partnerships
    As our tuition fee only support 70% basic day to day operational cost, there would not be any of the “extras” services and recources, if it wasn’t for the way in which partnerships have been developed with other government, corporate, community and individual entities to raise philantropic support for the center.

Through tireless networking, the center is now able to provide better resources, teaching and education programs and facilities.

Projects, Programs, Events, Facilities established in partnership with philanthropic support include:

  1. Daya Pelita Kasih Center in partnership with State Government have developed a sheltered workshop room with equipments such as sewing machine, digital printing machine, batik tools, etc.
  2. Daya Pelita Kasih Center in partnership with State Government have developed a Work Training with computers, printer, etc.
  3. Daya Pelita Kasih Center in partnership with Mr/Mrs, Ronald & Mary Korompis have renovated and repaired the building, adding more rooms.
  4. Daya Pelita Kasih Center in partnership with Mr/Mrs, Gatut & Retno Adisoma have renovated and repaired Visual Art Room and Galery.
  5. Daya Pelita Kasih Center in partnership with INA (Indonesia Netherlands Association) provides workplace for our students with special need.
  6. Le Meridien Hotel, provides workplace for our students.
  7. Intercontinental Hotel, provides workplace for our students.
  8. PT. Karyadeka Pancamurni, provides workplace for our students
  9. The Dharmawangsa Hotel Jakarta, provides workplace for our students.
  10. Grand Sahid Hotel Jakarta, provides for painting exhibition.
  11. Hotel Sultan Jakarta, provides for painting exhibition.
  12. JS. Luwansa Hotel & Convention Center Jakarta, provides  for painting exhibition.
  13. Trade Ministry Auditorium Jakarta, provides for painting exhibition.
  14. Sari Pan Pacific Hotel Jakarta, provides  for painting exhibition.
  15. Dafam Hotel Management, provides for 50 polo shirts donated for Teachers & Staff.
  16. Alila Hotel Solo for the luxury voucher hotel Grand Prize.
  17. Jakarta Hotel Association (JHA), donates for school education.
  18. United Overseas Bank (UOB), donates for students, educational and art.
  19. Artotel Jakarta Supporting for Art Teaching Program for Visual Art Center.
  20. Holiday Inn Express Jakarta Wahid Hasyim for Hotel Field Study Visit.
  21. Alila Hotel Seminyak Bali provides venue for painting exhibition.

We need partnership in:

  • Educational Partnerships for research, work together, develop greater understanding of people with disabilities.
  • Community Partnership, such as hospital, library, shopping malls, supermarkets, restaurants, etc.

If you or your business is interested in exploring how you can become a Daya Pelita Kasih Center Partner, please click our website: or contact to (62) (21) 7807313  or Fax (62) (21) 78844313. Email: 

Daya Pelita Kasih Center wants to share dreams with you. Whatever support you would like to give, we can provide advice on how to design your bequest in a way that best reflects your aims. The school will also ensure that you and your donation are appropriately recognised.

Your bequest to Daya Pelita Kasih Foundation can support or contribute to:

  1. New equipment, facilities, automobiles
  2. Special projects / events
  3. Building projects
  4. Professional development
  5. Prizes or awards

Equipment and resources required for some of our students with multiple disabilities are more extensive and expensive for reasons such as sturdiness, durability and special adaptations. We need ongoing specialised resources and infra-structure to support our very special students. Alternatively, it can be a general donation towards the Daya Pelita Kasih Foundation to support the work of the Foundation.

Daya Pelita Kasih Foundation as a non-profit organization relies on the generosity of individuals, families, businesses, foundations and community groups to provide contributions that support programming and other costs. Every year, we rely on these donations and funds from the goverment to support 30% of our operating budget. Your support will help us continue to provide quality services and programs for children, young adults and adults with developmental disabilities that nurture each individual’s potential to live the life to the fullest.

All Donations are needed and appreciated, reardless of the amount. Your donation will be acknowledged in several ways. We will list you in our annual program book as well as on any promotional material we produce. We thank you for your consideration of our request and look forward to hearing from you in the near future.