DPK Center Participates in the Exhibition of Autistic Art Works

DAYA Pelita Kasih (DPK) Center was participated in an art exhibition by an autism individual entitled “Warna Warni Duniaku” at Bentara Budaya Jakarta which was held from July 4 to July 13, 2019. Indeed there was something different at this painting exhibition organized by Kompas Group in collaboration with Bentara Budaya and the Austisma Indonesia Foundation.

According to Chairman of the Autisma Indonesia Foundation (YAI) Melly Bhudiman in Jakarta, said the exhibition featured 86 works of art from 53 artists with autism. Our hope is through works, people can see that the world of autistic people is also colorful.

“Many autistic children are gifted in fine arts, their expressions are diverse, some take pictures of the daily life of the city of Jakarta, some make leaf-shaped ceramics and some make abstract paintings. The paintings of the children were collected and curated by the curator of Bentara Budaya,” she said.

She mentioned that the existence of the exhibition was a public acceptance of people with autism. So far, autistic people are always marginalised, even if their environment supports them, they can develop their abilities.

Meanwhile, famous presenter Muhammad Farhan who was also present at the exhibition said that people with autism were part of the diversity and diversity of the Indonesian nation. Indonesia is not only different from ethnicity and religion. So the Indonesian state wants to be an inclusive country so we cannot take care that autism is part of our diversity.

Likewise, the manager of Bentara Budaya, Paulina Dinartisti said, we give deep appreciation to the parents with autism who gave space to these children. According to her, this is not easy, because it requires high patience, struggle, and the main thing is love.

“We are also here in the name of love. I appreciate the work and hard work of these autistic children. In this  “Warna-warni Duniaku” exhibition there were 86 works from 53 participants. Apart from painting exhibitions, music and organ saxophones from children with autism were also displayed,” she said.

In this role, Daya Pelita Kasih Center itself exhibited 33 paintings and several masks and ceramic created by school students. [red]


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